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Our Talent Pool

When choosing a group to handle your GSA Application and all of your contractual negotiations you want and need to look at a company that goes through pain staking measures as we do to ensure the utmost professionalism.  Each of our staff members are put through a rigorous background investigation and must meet the maximum criteria for the clearances that are required to work with you our valuable client.

All of our representatives from our Processing Department, to our Legal Department to our GSA Consulting Staff have certifications in their area of expertise to allow them to handle all of your questions and concerns with factual information as well as being able to find the data that is necessary to assist you in this process.

For our Consultants you can rest assured that they are not only certified but also are degreed with a very minimum 4 year degree.  Many of our consultants have been in the Government Sector at one level or another so they are able to consult your company first hand.

We match our teams of professionals accordingly to the industry your company is in which in turn enables us to understand the demanding needs of a client pursuant to your expertise.

​We look forward to speaking with you and learning more about your staff as we are happy to have shared the above information with you.

    The Maryland Procurement Group